An approach for cultural companies to develop an international presence

imagesCA5LA8MROn February 6th, the Servicio de Desarrollo de las Empresas Culturales (ICEC) (Service for the Development of Cultural Companies) organized a seminar in which the participating cultural companies were shown how to choose the correct target markets and were furnished with the tools with which to open international doors.

The seminar was led by Cristina Danón who has had many years experience advising well-known Catalan cultural companies on how to expand overseas. The aim was to lay out basic strategies in a practical and eminently understandable fashion.

The main topics that were developed during the five hours of the seminar were: how to establish the correct bases from which to export and the best channels through which to work. Please follow this link to see a video of the seminar.

For further information on developing overseas markets for cultural companies, please mail us at or phone (+34) 934 140 500.