An Anglo-German laboratory sets up commercial operations in Portugal thanks to a wide-ranging market study and search for a distributor carried out by ITC.

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International Team Consulting conducts studies and surveys that provide the key information needed to set up operations in target countries.

“We were extremely impressed by the level of professionalism of International Team Consulting and the way in which they understood our needs at all junctures of the project. Many thanks!” words from Toni Hubbard, Head of Market Analysis at Biomonde, when assessing his satisfaction with the study carried out by International Team Consulting.

The market study elaborated by International Team Consulting aided the Anglo-German laboratory, Biomonde, to access the key information necessary to set up operations in Portugal for their LDT treatment (Larval Debridement Therapy), a LARVAL treatment for serious open wounds.

The study was conducted using secondary search techniques and interviews with leading players in the Portuguese sanitary and wound treatment industry. Some of the information analysed includes interviews with key elements (sanitary institutions, users, patients, doctors, regulatory agencies, associations…) identification of certifying processes for pharmaceuticals in Portugal, methods of payment and other essential aspects that compose the workings and structure of the Portuguese sanitary field.

Another of the aims of the project was to identify and arrange meetings with at least 3 Portuguese distributors interested in working with the larval therapy. The laboratory has since confirmed that they are in a state of advance negotiations with one of the distributors to whom they were introduced. During the visit to meet the candidates, interviews were also arranged with leading opinion generators in the wound treatment sector including directors of associations and nursing staff and doctors specialising in serious wounds.

Júlia Farré
Managing Paartner – International Team Consulting