Trade Mission

Moroccan Trade Mission under the auspices of Maroc Export arranges meetings with Catalan companies from the electronics industry


ITC organises international trade missions for companies wishing to meet sales agents, distributors, importers, representatives and, as in this case, end users.

ITC organised a Trade Mission for Moroccan companies from the electronics indutry with meetings scheduled with the leading companies in Barcelona and area.

The team from International Team Consulting organised a Trade Mission for 7 Moroccan companies from the electronics industry. The companies that came to Barcelona included the sister companies of European multinationals such as EOLANE, TRONICO AND VLTRONIC. The mission was aimed at establishing relationships with Catalan firms from the same industries in nearly 50 meeting which took place over 3 days.

The aim of the mission was also to highlight some of the advantages of Moroccan electronics industry as a manufacturing base given is low productions costs and the similarity of the final customers. The industries included, aviation, railways and rolling-stock, the automotive industry and the medical sector.

Amongst the companies visited in Barcelona were ALTE TECHNOLOGIES, HITACH and MANUSA.

Maroc Export is a programme run by the government’s Centre Marocain de Promotion des Exportations