A company from the ICT industry success in creating a model for sustainable sales development

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Ingeligent cities driven by ICT industry

We have successfully completed a consultancy project to enact a commercial process aimed at establishing sustainable growth for a Galician firm in the ICT industry with a unique product.

Over a period of 4 months, the main objective was to set up a commercial road map within the company which would lay out the guidelines for action by the sales department. These procedures were based on an exhaustive SWOT analysis of existing practices. The next step was to set up a data-base of potential clients and to schedule first visits using the new sales pitch.

The process was carried out within the framework of IGAPE’s Re-Acciona programme and has given such good results that the company has requested our services with the aim of building on the success achieved.

The Re-Acciona Programme is a service offered by The Galician Institute for Economic Advancement (IGAPE in its Galician initials) with the aim of making Galician SMEs more competitive. International Team Consulting carries out the Sales Re-launch Service.

For further information, please contact:

Salvador Devant
Consultant in sales and marketing strategies at International Team Consulting