German Distributors Welcome an Industrial Refrigeration Manufacturer

Climatización industrial. HVAC 300x199

Industrial Refrigeration Manufacturer in Germany.

A Catalan company that manufacturers industrial refrigeration and air-conditioning equipment will be travelling to Germany to close deals with local distributors.

Following several months of analysis, research, prospection surveys and commercial investigation, the native German speaking team at International Team Consulting has arranged meetings to close deals with leading German distributors. The meetings were only finalised after detailed analysis of the quality of service and the financial package offered by the German companies.

After seventy years on the market, the Catalan manufacturer exports some 25% of their production to several European and Latin American countries.

At International Team Consulting we will find an international distributor, agent or end-user for your  firm and products in: France; Germany; UK; Denmark; Sweden; USA; Belgium; Netherlands; Austria; Baltic Countries; Russia; Brazil; Chine; Turkey; Morocco; India; Algeria, etc.

For further information, please contact:

Claudia Mayer
Consultant at International Team Consulting