International Team Consulting appointed as the new Aydon Delegation in France

aydon logoAydon Consultants Group, a world leading consultancy specialising in global development, has signed an agreement with International Team Consulting (ITC) by which this latter becomes their French Delegation. 

Through their office in Paris, International Team Consulting now forms part of the worldwide network of Aydon offices including, amongst others, United Kingdom, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, China, Colombia, France, India, Italy, Spain, Russia, USA, Japan, Korea Turkey, Azerbaijan, Czech Republic, Egypt, Ghana, Greece, Nigeria, Poland, Portugal, Singapore, Thailand, UAE, Ukraine and Vietnam making a total of 28.

The services offered by International Team Consulting are:

  • Practical aid to exporting
  • Market Research
  • Guidance and advice for opening international markets
  • Search for overseas investors
  • HR selection services for export department
  • Training in overseas trade 

The Aydon France Team comprises Júlia Farré, Managing partner in ITC, and Lucille Dubos, Frecnh consultant at ITC.

For further information, please contact:

Lucille Dubos
Consultant at International Team Consulting