Seminary: “Sales Rep in the Metal Industry in France”

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Seminary: “Sales agents in the Metal Industry in France”

This past 23rd April, Julia Farré, a consultant at International Team Consulting, presented a course that was designed to provide Catalan firms from the metal industry with the tools that need to filter and select sales agents and the tools to guarantee long-term success. At the same time, participants were given a details of plans to organise meetings with French agents for which assistance has been sought from AccIO.

Farré placed especial emphasis on the fact that any Catalan company from the metal industry with serious plans in the French market should have the support of a reliable network of agents or distributors as it is they who have the experience in the market and who best know our potential clients.

“Experience has shown that the reputation that these intermediaries have on the French market will smooth our way into the market far more efficiently than if we did it ourselves”, Farré assured the participants.

Having said that, finding a French agent is not a simple job. They are hard worm out of the woodwork and, once we have them, we need to assure ourselves that they are the ideal for our firm and needs. Once this is established, managing the agent correctly is the key to success. Thus a rigorous selection process and the establishment of sound bases from the outset, adequate training and backing for the agent, pro-active follow-up and controls are some of the other key points that will make it a fruitful relationship for both sides.

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