International Team Consulting revamps the domestic market of a Galician Canvas Manufacturer

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In these times of crisis, many businesses have seen markets slacken and their bottom lines suffering.  This was the case of a Galician manufacturer of canvas who had been the market leader for over 50 years. With the help of advise from International Team Consulting (ITC), sales were boosted considerably. ITC aided them in setting up an MBO (Management by Objectives) sales management system that enabled them to define specific strategies for products, customer portfolio and sales management.

Thanks to this new system, the company now has the tools to follow up on compliance with the their sales strategies, giving them the means to correct deviations from standard by developing activity-specific processes. Moreover, the Sales Development Team at International Team Consulting has developed and tested a number of protocols to manage contacts with current, ex and potential customers.

The project was carried out over 4 months within the frameworks of the RE-Acciona programme and consisted of an initial phase which analysed fundamental strategies (product, customers and sales management) followed by execution of the new sales  techniques.

The RE-Acciona programme is a service provided by the Galician Institute of Economic Development (IGAPE in its Galician initials) which was set up to improve the competivity of Galician SMEs within the framework of which International Team Consulting is responsible for Commercial Renewal.

For further information, please contact:

Salvador Devant

Consultant in Sales Strategy and Marketing at International Team Consulting