ITC collaborates in an article in the newspaper La Razón on the importance of exports for Spanish companies

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ITC collaborates in an article of the newspaper La Razón

Júlia Farré, a partner consultant of International Team Consulting, with extensive experience in internationalization, has participated in an article in the newspaper La Razón on the importance of exports for Spanish companies. Other experts who have collaborated are Balbino Prieto, president of the Club of Spanish Exporters and Investors and Francisco Javier Garzón, CEO of ICEX España Exportación e Inversiones.

As shown in the cited article, Spanish companies have reached their highest level of export to date and have become aware that internationalization must be a permanent and fundamental element for the development of the company since the Spanish market is An already mature market whose potential for internal growth is limited.

That export is beneficial to Spanish companies is undoubtedly because studies show that exporting companies are better able to withstand economic crises, they are less indebted and more profitable than those that focus their activity solely on the domestic market.

In 2016 there was an increase of 36% compared to 2010 in the number of Spanish exporting companies, showing that the Spanish company sells its products at an average of 3.7 countries and companies of industrial products and technology predominate over those of goods Consumption and food. Barcelona, ​​Madrid and Valencia are the provinces where there are more exporting companies.

Another aspect that is discussed in the article is the fact that, although size is considered a determining factor for business internationalization, the characteristics of the Spanish company, with 94.8% of microenterprises, make it, instead of aspiring to produce cheaper, must devote to produce in a different way, putting the emphasis on innovation as a way to produce goods and services with high added value

To achieve success in the export process, the company should count on 100% with the involvement of the management to convey to the rest of the team the importance of the new business phase. Likewise, Julia Farré, a partner consultant of International Team Consulting, believes that the exporting company must have financing capacity and experienced personnel. Export should also be considered as a basic pillar for the survival of a company as it opens doors in all areas and increases its competitiveness.

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