ITC has entered into an agreement to strengthen the overseas trade of local companies with the Chamber of Commerce of Santiago de Compostela.

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ITC has extensive wide-ranging and comprehensive experience in the internationalisation of SMEs.

It is with the goal of stimulating a new consultancy service for the enhancement of international trade, the agreement between International Team Consulting and the Chamber of Commerce will benefit SMEs in the south of the province of A Corunna.

The main advisory services offered are:

- Search for and vetting of distributors and agents in overseas markets.

- Bespoke services for market research and long-term sales management in international markets.

Initially, these services will cover the markets of France, Germany and Morocco.

For further information on how the overseas advisory service jointly developed by International team Consulting and the CoC of Santiago de Compostela can help you in your endeavours overseas, please contact:

Cristina Danón
Consulting Partner at International Team Consulting