Meeting at the Development Institute of Murcia on the Success of SMEs in Overseas markets.

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ITC provides companies with training, advice, council and support in their overseas projects.

On the 16th December, The Development Institute of Murcia invited Júlia Farré to lead the Seminary: How to Sell Abroad – The Keys to International Distribution.

Júlia Farré is a consulting partner at International Team Consulting and considers the key to success in overseas markets is the assessment and appointing of a good distributor/agent; one that is well acquainted with market conditions and is well considered in the industry.

Nevertheless, when explaining practical examples, it was very obvious that the theory is one thing and the practice a very different one. Tracking down the person you are looking for, negotiating with them to close a deal is only the first obstacle. This is followed by the need to ensure that a competent follow-up results in consolidated sales in the market which can very often be hindered by unforeseen circumstances. Over 80 attendees at the seminary were given the keys to overcome impediments and were introduced to the intricacies of distribution channels and the world of sales agents. The steps that one has to take to ensure success with these figures, such as: internet search techniques; criteria for search and election; negotiating tools; interview techniques and agency contracts and their standard clauses.

The team that comprises International Team Consulting has accumulated many years of practical experience as Exports Directors and, later, as adivisors to hundreds of domestic and international companies.

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Júlia Farré
Consulting Partner at International Team Consulting