Outsourcing Programme for SMEs

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ITC will provide a team of international experts in overseas trade and export to kick start your international expansion.

ITC offer companies interested in expanding into the States a programme for outsourcing their market research and sales management.

With a view to opening markets or consolidating existing ones in the States, International Team Consulting have created a programme for 2016 support small and medium sized firms who are seeking to open or consolidate their markets there.

The basis of the programme are three tools: Market Research, Sales Management and Advice from our team of experts on the ground in the States.

ITC Market Research and Sales Management programme will deliver:

Promote your products to potential customers or partners.

An initial meeting with the firm to determine the profile of the target customers and the industry sectors to be prioritised.

Development of corporate literature in English: translation or review of web sites, catalogues, etc.

The search for and filtering of potential customers, creation of a BD including the phone number and other contact details of the potential customers, agents or distributors, arrangement of sales meetings………

Arrangement of business trips to make contacts or follow up visits….

Organisation and Management of Fairs and Exhibitions: pre-fair preparation and post-fair follow-up.

Follow-up of offers, orders and payments.

Permanent Advice and Support

Continuous resolution of commercial affairs in the States (negotiation, distribution and/or agency contracts, follow-up of initial research trips, logistics…)

Performance reviews at scheduled meetings.

Reviews and analysis of steps taken.

As a consultancy in promoting international trade, ITC has been advising small and medium sized firms for many years. Our team of experts has had over 30 years experience and are to be found in offices in Santiago de Compostela, Berlin, Paris, São Paulo and the recently opened Boston office.

The team in Boston is led by our senior consultant, Marta Andreu, who has over 20 years of personal experience in international consulting.

Marta has been working in international consulting in both Spain and the US for over 20 years, specialising in opening markets in the US and Europe. Her career encompasses working for public institutions and privates companies concentrating on overseas trade and foreign investment (ACCIÓ in Miami and Barcelona, the Spain-US Chamber of Commerce in Miami, Barcelona Chamber of Commerce). Marta’s career in private consultancy has covered areas such as financial consultation,  HR and tourism. Marta graduated from the University of Barcelona with a degree in Economics and earned a Masters in International Trade and Marketing from the University of Miami.

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