Sales Rep in France (Chapter 1)

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At International Team Consulting we search for and select customers, sales agents and distributors for small and medium sized enterprises.

Do SMEs really need a sales representative to enter the French market?

In general, a sales representative is necessary to implement any coherent overseas commercial policy, however, this is especially true of the French market when a company identifies with one or more of the following conditions:

- If you operate in an industry in which orders tend to large volumes and delivery terms are not excessively short.

- If you do not have persons who speak French and/or English fluently. For technical products, English is usually sufficient, but French is absolutely necessary for large volumes and lower value-added.

- If you do not have employees with sufficient time to do all the research required to search for potential customers, prepare meetings and travel to France frequently to follow up on the contacts established.

- If your products do not require after-sales support and are standard (not purpose manufactured for your French customers).

- If, after doing initial market studies, you find local manufacturers supplying directly customers at low prices.

If your small or medium sized firm can be included within any of these cases, we would recommend your working with a sales agent in France.

ITC will design a strategy for you to search for and select sales rep, distributors, representatives and partners in overseas markets to advance your policies of internalisation.

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