The Success of the Re-acciona Programme run by IGAPE

In 2012, The Instituto Galego de Promoción Económica (The Galician Iigape 150x150nstitute for Economic Advancement) launched their Re-act Programme (Programa Re-acciona) in order to boost the competitivity of Galician companies. Firms can benefit from support in several areas: strategic analysis; production process management; renewal of sales strategy; succession planning in family-owned companies, image and communication, business partnerships, and many others.

Amongst the firms that have been awarded contracts to deliver the programme, International Team Consultancy has been charged with improving sales and marketing with the team being led by our consultant Salvador Devant. To see the video, please click:

The need for a proactive sales team and to renew your image and commercial position is unquestionable, especially in view of the changes that Spain has undergone in the last 5 years. International Team Consulting (ITC) is managing a group of 30 companies in this programme which is one of the most popular of those offered by Re-acciona. The service is not only the revamping of sales strategy but also includes practical support for sales team operations. One of the outstanding services we offer is that of lead generation and delivering a diary of scheduled appointments, both nationally and overseas. Our work goes on and new companies are signing up all the time, so we will be keeping you abreast of new developments.

At ITC it is our goal to guide SMEs through the steps they need to take to optimise their resources and improve returns from their sales forces in both their domestic and export markets. All our programmes for both private companies and partnerships with public bodies are eminently practical: the aim is to furnish our clients with white-hot leads to accelerate consolidation of existing markets or to enter new ones. We open the doors to new end-users, manufacturers agents or representatives, distributors and importers, supermarket chains, cooperatives, buying offices, system integrators, engineering firms and, in general, all those companies willing to work with our clients.

We work in: Germany; France; the UK; Italy; Benelux; Spain; Sweden; Denmark; Norway; Finland; Poland; Hungary; Algeria; Morocco; Tunisia; Brazil; Chile; Mexico; Colombia; and the USA. If you haven’t found the country you’re looking for, just get in touch:  (+34) 934 140 500