Upcoming seminars: “How do you effectively search for, identify and select sales representatives in Europe?“

The good management of foreign partners such as: sales agents, distributors and importers is, very often, the key factor that will guarantee your company’s success in international markets. The careful selection of partners, a well managed negotiation process, ongoing training and support, a proactive approach and the appropriate controls are the crucial factors that will ensure a mutually fruitful relationship. Everybody knows the theory, but keeping to these fundamental steps is often complicated by those geographical, cultural, logistical and economic barriers that crop up so frequently during the day-to-day of business relationships.

On 29th October, Ms Júlia Farré, a Foreign Trade Consultant with the Rioja Chamber of Commerce, will lead the seminar: “How to successfully search for, identify and appoint sales representatives in Europe”.

Given the difficulties that arise when looking for a suitable partner overseas, the seminar will focus on giving the participants several practical pointers that will cover the following:

1-Reimplantacio estranger 300x236lative advantages/disadvantages of representatives/distributors

2-Practical tools to pinpoint representatives and/or distributors in Europe.

3-How can you determine whether or not you have found the right partner for your business?

4-How representatives/distributors can increase your sales in an overseas market.

Our multilingual team of international trade experts specialise in Western European countries such as France, Great Britain, Germany, Benelux, the Netherlands and Sweden. Outside Europe: Maghrib (Algeria, Tunisia and Morocco). We also have a branch office in Brazil to cover Latin America.

Our experts have already accompanied hundreds of firms in their successful expansion into overseas markets. Please contact us if your goal is to establish an overseas presence, develop a distribution network abroad or simply to cement relations with your current clients.

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