Working Breakfast: “France – Finding an Agent and/or Disctributor”

ARAGON EXTERIOR international Team ConsultingThis Thursday, 13th March, Júlia Farré, Managing Partner of International Team Consulting, will be explaining how to find agents and distributors in France to a number of industrial companies from Aragon. This will include methodologies and the tools that should be used in searches of this nature. 

This event forms part of the “Plan de Construcción 2014” run by Aragon Exterior, whose aim is to encourage companies from Aragon to export to France which is Spain’s main overseas market.

According to Ms Farré, France is a mature and demanding market which requires firms to bring four elements into play: professionalism; determination; reliability and fluency in French. This is where your agent or distributor comes in. This is the figure that furnishes all these elements, so necessary to garnering success in the French market.

Event: “France: Finding your agent and/or distributor”

Sector: Industrial
Date: 13th March 2014
Venue: IbercajaZentrum, C. Joaquin Costa, 13, Zaragoza, Spain.

For further information, please contact Aragon Exterior.