Algeria and Tunisia: Next destination for La Rioja firms

Last March, Cristina Danón consultant and cofounder of the company International Team Consulting, took part in the seminar “How to guarantee success in sales in Algeria and Tunisia” organized by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of La Rioja. How to approach these markets was discussed in this on-day seminar.

The expert advised companies on how to take a softly approach when entering both markets. She pointed out the main sectors and products with the most successful outcomes, and demystified the access to these markets encouraging the firms to start working on them.

Tunisia and Algeria have great growth potential in most sectors, and hence they offer business opportunities for Spanish exporters with multiple export possibilities. Sectors include: energy, pharmaceutical products, construction materials and equipment, automobile and components, fishing materials and equipment, water treatment equipment, industrial systems and machinery and even food products such as cereals, sugar, fruit and vegetables, canned food etc. During these past few years, bilateral relationships between Spain and these two markets have improved resulting in the Financial Cooperation Program between Tunisia and the European Union. They currently hold great programs in energy, infrastructure and water. Spain considers Algeria as a priority country in international relationships since it is Spain’s first gas provider with a market of 35 million people. Moreover Algeria is a potential consumer of Spanish products, and therefore we want to endeavor new business relationships.

As a result of the good business relationship between Spain, Algeria and Tunisia, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of La Rioja introduced a trade mission to its members scheduled for May 2012. International Team Consulting is in charge of organizing the mission in which multisectorial companies La Rioja region participate. Both countries, as well as Morocco, are strategic export destinations for La Rioja. They are the main gateway to the African continent. Tunisia is ranked 16th in the list of La Rioja’s export destinations and Algeria 36th.

For more information on how to export to Algeria and/or Tunisia do not hesitate to contact us at: or call us +34 93 414 05 00 and ask for Júlia Farré.