News from Berlin: Alicia joins the team as an SMEs internationalisation consultant

Alicia PerezOur SMEs Foreign Trade and Internationalisation Consultancy has had its own office and team in Germany since 2013. From last October, Alicia Pérez joined our team in Germany and we would like to give her a very warm welcome!

Alicia Pérez worked between 2000 and 2004 with our team, demonstrating great professional capacity and personal integrity. Now as our new internationalisation consultant, she has extensive experience in international trade having worked as a logistics manager, in back office, as an area manager and export consultant.

With 20 years of experience, she has worked in a wide range of industries: food, wastewater, interior lighting and street lighting, solar and photovoltaic and chemical energy.

Alicia shares our vision of adapting to the needs of SMEs in internationalisation on an individual basis, always proving our excellence and professionalism, as well as our values ​​of passion, proactivity, involvement, trust and transparency. Her mission is to provide SMEs with the practical tools and knowledge necessary for their internationalisation and sustainable diversified growth.