Automotive Export: looking for commercial agents and distributors in Sweden

A leexportar-automocion-agentes-comercialesading company from the automotive industry has, once again, entrusted a project to the experience of ITC in overseas trade. The company specialises in the production of coachwork.  ITC was commissioned to search for distributors, sales agents or representatives in the Swedish market. Our team designed and carried out a personalised search for potential agents in Sweden. As a result, the project concluded with the presentation of 5 candidates who had expressed their interest as sales agents, distributors or representatives. The company immediately came to an agreement with a sales agent and are now engaged in the preparations for the upcoming Persontrafik, a fair which will be held in October and which the firm will use as a platform to further their expansion in the country.

According to figures published by the Swedish Manufacturers Association (KFG), the automotive industry is a vital element in the Swedish economy and employs more than half a million persons – 136.000 direct jobs and a further 82.400 in the supply chain. 30% of Swedish engineering manufacture goes to the automotive industry. Three world leaders are headquartered in the country (Scania, Volvo Lastvagnar and Volvo Personvagnar) and there are 350 suppliers to the industry.

One can enter the market by contacting the customers directly, however this route tends to be slow and costly. The ideal approach is through suppliers to your target customers (this usually means T2 though this avenue is totally dependent on individual industries) or through the services of a Swedish agent or distributor.