International Fairs

Exporting Foodstuffs

La Alimentaria reúne agentes comerciales, distribuidores y clientes finales del sector Alimentación.

Alimentaria is the meeting point for agents, distributors, and customers from the food industry.

ITC at the 40th Alimentaria Fair in Barcelona, one of the world’s leading food fairs.

Once again, Alimentaria confirmed its position in the elite when more than 4,000 exhibitors from 78 countries opened their doors for four days to nearly 150,000 visitors from 157 countries.

ITC provided support to a number of clients during the fair in their negotiations with distributors, agents and customers from the mass market, food service and horeca industries.

Alimentaria is renowned for its promotion of ground-breaking firms and has ratified this reputation by supporting producers of spearheading products such as meatless cold-cuts, algae-based pastries, pea-based snacks, energy gum and bio-vermouths.

If your strategic plans concentrate on exports, at ITC you will find a wealth of experience and know-how in the food industry. We will provide advice on industries which cover foodstuffs, drinks and related industries such as ingredients, machinery and packing.

For more information on how we can help you with your food related exports, please contact:

Júlia Farré
Consulting Partner in ITC

Industrial Technology Exports

La Hannover Messe reune las principales empresas del sector tecnológico mundial.

Hannover Messe attracts the pioneers in the technology industry.

ITC goes to the Hannover Messe. 

Hannover Messe is the leading industrial technology exhibition in the world. As its name suggests, it is held in Hannover, Germany every year. The US was this year’s guest country in the keynote sector: “Integrated Industry, Discover the Solution” which attracted over 190,000 visitors from all over the world.

ITC held meetings with industrial clients from industries including: electronics; electricity; machine parts; advanced technology….. which form part of ITC’s portfolio of clients with who we work to search for customers, distributors and agents in France and Germany and other European countries that are leading lights in technology such as Sweden and Denmark. Meetings were concentrated with  companies from the US as this year’s Partner Country, the highlight of which was a visit by President Obama.

Of the more than 190,000 visitors, over 6,000 were from China this year which made them the second largest delegation only just behind the hosts. There were 5,000 visitors from the US and 30,000 from the rest of Europe.

For further information on how we can help you export successfully through international fairs and exhibitions, please contact:

Júlia Farré
Export Consultant and Founding Partner in ITC

At the Hispack & Bta Fair in Barcelona, ITC coordinated around 400 meeting between exhibitors and visitors from around the world.

Ofrecemos a las empresas el servicio de promoción comercial y la búsqueda y fijación de citas con agentes comerciales internacionales, distribuidores, representantes y socios comerciales en mercados nacionales e internacionales.

In April, a team from International Team Consulting arranged and scheduled around 400 meetings between exhibitors and the Hispack & Bta Fair in Barcelona and buyers from the 4 corners of the planet.

This event, which is held in Barcelona over three days, is considered one of Europe’s leading shows in the food and beverages industry which is one of the main users of packing and packaging machinery.

In our post-show survey, 100% of those questioned rated as “Excellent” or “Very good” ITC’s organisation and scheduling of the meetings. 50% of those polled had confirmed orders which were are fruit of the negotiations initiated.

To watch the video of Maribel Delgado ITC Coordinator at the fair and one of the directors who attended giving their opinion, please click on the links.