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Organic Products in the United States

2018 was an exceptional growth year for the United States’ sales of organic foods. Despite the fact that organic products have existed in the canned foods and ready to eat industry for decades, their presence in the market has remarkably increased in the past few years. Considering the stable increment in sales volume that this type of canned products has experienced in the organic sector, they have left behind the category of young movement and are now claiming their own niche in the sector.

Key notes:

  • In the United States the sales revenue of the organic sector, surpassed 50 billion dollars in 2018; around 42% of global consumption. Sales volume keeps increasing at a historic rate of 4% annually and shows no signs of stopping.
  • The sales of Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) category also experienced a great increment of almost 9% in 2018, overtaking the 21billion dollar turnover of the previous year.
  • Research estimates point to a possible doubling of organic products’ sales in the years 2020 -2025.
Estimate projection of the total invoicing volume of organic products for the 2020-2025 period. In 2018 the sales of organic products exceeded 50.000 million USD and it is predicted that sales will reach 135 billion USD in revenue by 2025.

Estimate projection of the total invoicing volume of organic products for the 2020-2025 period. In 2018 the sales of organic products exceeded 50.000 million USD and it is predicted that sales will reach 135 billion USD in revenue by 2025.

  • A recent survey conducted by the company Earthbound farm, pointed out that Millennials and Hispanics are the main demographic groups that participate in the organic products market.
  • On their behalf, the U.S Department of Agriculture published on February 11th 2019 a report titled; U.S Organic food Exporters Set to Double Sales to EU, revealing the expectations they have for their producers this year. This article also anticipated that the sales to the EU-28 of their products will double the figures reached in the previous tax year.
  • Finally, given the thirst for organic products in the US market and the promising growth prospects of this sector; the next edition of BIOFACH ANERICA – Baltimore 12-14 Sept. 2019 – Presents an excellent opportunity to get to know the US organic niche more closely.

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Our consultancy firm is specialized in opening markets in the United States through our U.S and other international offices. The ecological food industry represents a unique opportunity for all organic food producers. If you wish to export your products to the United States do not hesitate to contact us.

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Germany: European leader of food industry


The food industry in Germany

Germany holds the best european economy, also in third place on a global scale in exportation in addition of being an innovative and very competitive market, where excellence and quality run parallel to each other. One of the bases of this strong position is the food industry, which fuels a very diversified sales network.

Although, for some the German cook does not vary that much from the sausage and knuckle of pork typical from the south part, German food is far more than these stereotypes.

With a good and strategic localization, it is the largest beverage and food market in Europe, which offers many opportunities for both consumers and producers. Food and beverage companies worldwide account for more than 170.000 different food products.

Approximatively 82 million of consumers make Germany the largest retailer of food and beverage in Europe. Food turnover increased by a total of 2,3%, approaching 191 billion of euros in 2015. Other important distribution channels include the sale of food services (73,6 billion of euros), and the export of processed food (55,3 billion of euros).

The beverage and food industry is the third largest sector of German industry. There are just over 5.800 small and medium-sized businesses employing approximately 560.000 people.

The largest segments of this industry according to production are meat and sausage products (24%), dairy products (14%), prepared products (10%) and confectionery products (9%).

Currently Germany is the third largest exporter and importer of food and agricultural products worldwide. By 2015, imports have increased by more than 6%, 74.5 billion of euros, which places Germany as the most important importer of foreign products by its net imports of food and Beverage on the European market.

It is a very open market with new cultural influences and gastronomic trends, which therefore offers great commercial opportunities. This makes the German industry known not only for its quality but also its adaptation to meet the changing tastes and needs of consumers.

Although the country seems uncertain about the future of the euro area and international trade agreements, its dominance in Europe is still very present. As for the prospects of future market, industry analysts predict positive growth for 2017. Consumers trend to buy more quality, participate in fair trade, also healthier products. Therefore, the food industry is at this time one of the sector with a lot of opportunities for Spanish companies. Germany continues to be an engine of the world economy by its weight in terms of capital and its exports of consumer goods.

Export to Germany: keys to market entry

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Export to Germany

The German market presents multiple opportunities for a Spanish company. Our consultancy runs more than 200 projects a year, a large part destined to Germany, and realizes that Spanish companies coming from a great variety of sectors, manage to penetrate the market. The keys? There are many! We would emphasize adaptability, flexibility, service, product and price. Also, having a good sales agent and / or distributor targeting the right customer, can help boost export sales of Spanish products in the German market, always counting with the support of the Spanish company.

On the 4th May 2017, we will celebrate the event “Germany: Keys to market entry” in the Valencia Chamber of Commerce. One of the keynote speakers of the event will be Cristina Danón, ITC Managaing Partner with extensive experience in the German market. “Germany: Keys to market entry” is aimed at exporting companies or potential exporters interested in knowing the particularities of the German market and the tools to address it.

The programme of the event:

  • 09:45 am: Reception of assistants and hand out of documentation.
  • 10:00 am: Opening by Mr. Vicente Mompó, Director of the Valencia Chamber of Commerce’s International Department
  • 10:15 am: Doing business in Germany. Keys to success and frequent errors, introduction by Ms. Cristina Danón, Managing Partner of ITC
  • 10:35 am: Tools for market entry, presentation by Ms. Cristina Danón, Managing Partner of ITC; D. José Orero, Association of Sales Agents and Ms. Rut Soriano, Valencia Chamber of Commerce’s International Department
  • 11:35 am: Testimony of Valencian companies in Germany.
  • 12:15 am: Colloquium and closing.
  • 12:20 pm: Individual meetings with speakers (upon previous e-mail request)

Place of celebration:

Headquarters of the Valencia Chamber of Commerce / Poeta Querol, 15, 46002 Valencia

Companies interested in attending the event can register for free at the following link:


Business Opportunities in Germany: the Lufthansa business forum


Business Opportunities in Germany

The event on 29th March is organised jointly by the Santiago de Compostela Chamber of Commerce and Lufthansa to commemorate the new flights that will be going into service this month from the airport in Santiago. With ITC as one of the leading speakers, the aim is to provide Galician SMEs with analysis of the German market and to highlight industries of especial interest in Germany.

 At 12:15 p.m., Cristina Danón, Consulting Partner at International Team Consulting (ITC) will give a Master Class on: “Sales Channels and the Search for Sales Agents and Partners in Germany”.

 Starting at 10 a.m., the meeting will be held in the NH Collection Hotel in Santiago de Compostela. Amongst those attending will be the General Manager of Lufthansa for Spain and Portugal, Mr Carsten Hoffmann, and Mr Jesús Asorey, President of the Santiago Chamber of Commerce.

Following on from the welcome, the General Manager of the German Chamber of Commerce in Spain, Mr Walter von Plattenberg,  will give a talk on: “Trade Relations between Spain and Germany: Business Opportunities”.

 Attendance is free of charge, but those wishing to participate are requested to register on the Chamber’s web page: