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Organic Products in the United States

2018 was an exceptional growth year for the United States’ sales of organic foods. Despite the fact that organic products have existed in the canned foods and ready to eat industry for decades, their presence in the market has remarkably increased in the past few years. Considering the stable increment in sales volume that this type of canned products has experienced in the organic sector, they have left behind the category of young movement and are now claiming their own niche in the sector.

Key notes:

  • In the United States the sales revenue of the organic sector, surpassed 50 billion dollars in 2018; around 42% of global consumption. Sales volume keeps increasing at a historic rate of 4% annually and shows no signs of stopping.
  • The sales of Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) category also experienced a great increment of almost 9% in 2018, overtaking the 21billion dollar turnover of the previous year.
  • Research estimates point to a possible doubling of organic products’ sales in the years 2020 -2025.
Estimate projection of the total invoicing volume of organic products for the 2020-2025 period. In 2018 the sales of organic products exceeded 50.000 million USD and it is predicted that sales will reach 135 billion USD in revenue by 2025.

Estimate projection of the total invoicing volume of organic products for the 2020-2025 period. In 2018 the sales of organic products exceeded 50.000 million USD and it is predicted that sales will reach 135 billion USD in revenue by 2025.

  • A recent survey conducted by the company Earthbound farm, pointed out that Millennials and Hispanics are the main demographic groups that participate in the organic products market.
  • On their behalf, the U.S Department of Agriculture published on February 11th 2019 a report titled; U.S Organic food Exporters Set to Double Sales to EU, revealing the expectations they have for their producers this year. This article also anticipated that the sales to the EU-28 of their products will double the figures reached in the previous tax year.
  • Finally, given the thirst for organic products in the US market and the promising growth prospects of this sector; the next edition of BIOFACH ANERICA – Baltimore 12-14 Sept. 2019 – Presents an excellent opportunity to get to know the US organic niche more closely.

Exportar_Alimentacion_Estados Unidos

Our consultancy firm is specialized in opening markets in the United States through our U.S and other international offices. The ecological food industry represents a unique opportunity for all organic food producers. If you wish to export your products to the United States do not hesitate to contact us.

Júlia Farré:

Exporting to Germany: ITC, the IVACE delegation in Berlin

img_25931ITC has been selected by IVACE INTERNACIONAL (Valencian Institute for Competitiveness of Enterprise) for the management of its German office, the most requested delegation by Valencian companies. After tender, the consulting firm specializing in internationalization became the German delegation of Comunidad Valenciana. With more than 33 years of experience in helping European companies establishing themselves in Germany through sales agents, distributors, importers, end customers, as well as direct implementation through subsidiaries, ITC has been able to stand out from the competition.

International Team Consulting has a thorough knowledge of all the workings of international trade, consultants with experienced skills and services perfectly adapted for the penetration of new markets. Through IVACE, the ITC consulting firm provides support to companies in the Valencian community for any initiation, expansion, consolidation or implementation needs in the German market. This is facilitated by the fact that ITC has had offices and consultants located in Germany and around the world for many years.

From January 23 to 26, 2018 IVACE INTERNATIONAL brought together representatives of more than 20 countries in various meetings with its foreign network. For nearly five years through his program, IVACE supports companies in the region of Valencia wanting to export their products or services.

During the event, Valencian companies had meetings with experts from around the world. With more than 700 meetings, the event has been IMG_20180124_103931a success.Our German team held one-to-one meetings with companies with a wide variety of sectors: food, furniture, lighting, electronic components, software, industrial supplies, arts and the scene, tourism, products for DIY, metallurgy, machine tools, and packaging machines, amongst others.

ITC Continues to Leverage the Start-up Segment

On 19 May 2017, the new Galician business accelerator Senda Startup was presented in the auditorium at Vigo’s Zona Franca.

Senda will be offering mentoring and personalised financing for social health innovation projects. In a first phase, it will carry out a maximum of five innovative projects in health, care, active aging and well-being.

Senda will receive help and collaboration from different public and private entities to carry out this activity. International Team Consulting will be in charge of supporting companies looking to export their products, who will be able to take advantage of their more than 30 years of experience in managing export departments and developing international business in private companies and public institutions.

Senda’s goal is to support innovative business projects by assisting them right from the idea phase through to their launch and consolidation on the market.

The call for projects began last April; but it is open ended to enable entrepreneurs to submit their proposals at any time of the year.

For more information, contact our Office Director Raquel Maquieira:

Exporting to Morocco: An Agricultural Machinery Company Begins Negotiations with Distributors

A Spanish company in the agricultural machinery and gardening sector has begun negotiations with distributors to export to Morocco and Tunisia thanks to the help of ITC, our internationalisation consultancy.

Since January 2017, the International Team Consulting team has been working for an agricultural and gardening machinery manufacturer in order to find an opening in the market in the Maghreb region. Thanks to an exhaustive search for contacts and a selection-based criteria, the company visited eight potential distributors and is currently in the process of preparing budgets and sending samples, with a view to securing its first short-term orders. Key factors determining the success of the task were the quality of the contacts visited, their interest, ensuring the Spanish company had prepared all the documentation in French, and an understanding of the Maghreb culture.

To work with this region there are a few critical points that must be taken into account:

  • Several trips to the country will be necessary to establish a good business relationship and before the first orders are made. Business relationships are built on trust, and on getting to know people on more a personal level
  • It is important to respect their way of working and the time taken to make decisions. This is generally not as fast as in Europe
  • Price negotiation should be expected. Unlike regions like Germany and the US, here it is common for the initial price to be reduced after negotiation
  • French is essential as the main language
  • As a European, it is important to be patient and respect the culture

For more information on how to export to Morocco or the Maghreb market, do not hesitate to contact ITC through this website or by emailing: