Centrem and ITC agree on the success attained by the Outsourcing Programme “Corporate Success” after its first year.


The Programme to outsource your Export Department, “Corporate Success” was created in 2013 as a collaboration between Centrem and ITC. Centrem is an Association of Metal Companies. The aim was to develop overseas business for companies from the metal industry.

The programme was targeted at all those SMEs that wanted to export, but do not have the necessary staff to handle to business nor the in-house know-how. It also included those firms that, whilst having started to export, wished to expand into another or several overseas markets. A further group of companies were those that ,although they have substantial export markets, need help from a personnel or linguistic point of view in specificinternational markets.

The service was actually provided by International Team Consulting who specialise in international trade and more than 30 years experience in overseas markets. ITC determined the target markets and the ideal channel for each company. Once agreed with the companies, ITC managed sales activities, administrative tasks and handled logistics. These services can be broken down into operational sales tasks, administrative and strategic support, strategic planning and counsel, and market entry. To undertake these tasks, ITC has a team of consultants who are native speakers of German, French, English and Portuguese.

For further information on how “Corporate Success” can help you, don’t hesitate to get in touvh with us:

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