CHAPTER 1: Do I Need a Sales Agent in Germany?

A company planning to enter the German market would be well advised to engage a Sales Agent in any of the following circumstances:

– If, in your industry, orders are large enough to justify it, are not required at very short notice or can be programmed over a period of time.

– You do not have staff that speaks German or English adequately. In general, if you are working in a highly technical field English will be sufficient; otherwise you should be able to communicate in German.

– Most companies do not have the staff or time to prepare visits to clients, make them and follow them up adequately. If this is your case, you should employ an agent.

– Agents are ideal for those products that do not require after-sales service, or specialised installers and/or those that are standard and not manufactured to individual requirements.

–  Once you have made an initial study of the market, you find that local manufacturers deliver directly to the end-user at competitive prices.