Chapter 1. Why France?

With a population of over 65 million, France offers a number of opportunities for Spanish companies. 

Our neighbours have been our principal economic partners for years and France is the main destination for Spanish exports and accounts for nearly one fifth of the total.
France is home to a large number of industries at the forefront of innovation and ranks third for direct inward foreign investment. How do they do it?

  • As estate agents say: location, location, location! France is right in the middle of Western Europe and is well connected at the hub of transport and communication networks, and is becoming even more so as the HST rail network nears completion with more and more major cities connected. This ease of travel makes meetings and visiting clients in a single day all the more feasible.
  • Same time zone.
  • Political and economic stability.
  • The French market is, broadly, similar to Spain as far as legislation, technology, innovation, etc. are concerned.
  • Absence of customs duties and taxes.
  • Similar conditions of payment.
  • There is a great tendency to establish long-term business relationships with French companies.
  • France is home to some of the world’s leading shows and exhibitions covering, amongst others:
    • Biotechnology and Pharmaceuticals.
    • Software & ICT
    • Digital Industry and Media
    • Fashion
    • Home-wares
    • Environment
    • Aerospace
    • Transport and Automobiles
    • Food Industry
    • Construction
    • Defence & Security
    • Industrial Equipment
    • Packaging
    • Industrial subcontracting

Despite all these favourable elements, when asked the question: “Is it easy to enter the French market?” The answer is: No! France is a mature, saturated market and, as such, is very demanding. There are four factors that are of the utmost importance and should be considered sine qua non conditions:

Professionalism – Seriousness – Perseverance – Speaking the Language 

Having said all that, any firm wishing to sell in the French market with any chance of success must do their homework and make their first approaches in a professional manner thus demonstrating their readiness to supply this new market.

For this reason, at International Team Consulting we are great believers in and strongly recommend that inexperienced companies seek advice from experienced professionals who will help in overcoming obstacles and smoothing a direct route to the most recommendable channels and markets.

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