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Pescados Airoa

Fishing industry

Our company was offered to tackle foreign markets. As a medium-sized firm, it is difficult to break into foreign markets and that is why we decided to contact ITC. The collaboration between our business and ITC (International Team Consulting) was developed successfully. The tasks carried out by ITC were not just simple tasks because they really offered us an integral service from searching for sales partners to managing these new potential contacts in several countries identified in advance. For us, trusting on professionals such as ITC was a judicious decision as well as an enriching experience that enabled us to export.

And without any doubts, we will contact them again for our upcoming internationalization projects, strengthen exports and break into new markets or for any needs that could emerge.

María Suarez

Financial and Administrative Manager


Precision machining 

Conmeba is a family-owned firm that specialises in precision machining. We came up with exporting a few years ago but we did not know where or how to start, especially because of the difficulty of having to speak foreign languages. We looked for sales agents but we were not satisfied.

Through a workshop on how to export successfully, we got to know Júlia Farré and after meeting with her in our facilities, we decided to hire ITC for its international trade services, specifically the outsourced export department. We started to work with them in May 2016 and during the first month we started receiving the first quotes and orders. It was incredible. We have been working with ITC for more than a year and today we have an important list of customers in France and we are developing the market on a daily basis.

Working with ITC has enabled us to tackle the French market and thus we are working with them to break into the German market. Without any doubts, we recommend the experience to other companies that are exploring the possibility to export to foreign countries.


Jessica Barrera

Manager of the Administration Department

Ingenyus Marketing Inteligente, S.L.

Intelligent Marketing Services

ITC has offered us, not only a professional service, but also a high degree of attention and personalisation in every task. Its team has helped us increase our potential market, segment our key target contacts and improve our sales processes. All in all, ITC has helped us multiply the efficiency of our sales team at a short term.

Pedro Arenas, CEO


Sector: Electrical installations

I wish to express my most sincere thanks for all at ITC and, especially, Júlia Farré who is the person with whom I dealt and was responsible for the whole project. It all started when I attended a conference organised by Aragon Exterior in Zaragoza which was given by Júlia and in which she spoke about agents in France. It was then that I realised that what we had been doing in the French market for the last three years was completely WRONG.

 We contacted ITC to entrust them with the search for an experienced French engineer to present our projects to potential clients. The idea being to make them forget their first impressions of us as being Spanish. When we next had to intervene in the process, ITC had shortlisted 3 candidates all of whom matched our initial demands.

Not only will I be using their services for my own future needs, but will highly recommend their skills to other friends and colleagues who are embarking on their overseas expansion.

 Thanks for everything!

Pablo Lera Palacio

Managing Director

Fontao Travel

Tourist sector

Our experience in the Re-acciona Programme was a milestone in our sales processes and how we arrive at our strategic planning decisions. We learnt how to focus on our strong points and to expand our customer base. ITC advised on the introduction of tools typically reserved for large multinationals and to adapt them to a company of our size. The project was carried out without interfering in our daily works and, on many occasions, actually improving it on-the-go. We would repeat the experience without hesitation, it was, without doubt, an excellent decision.

Javier Fontao Ageitos

CEO in Fontao Travel

Monet Technology and Innovation

ICT Industry

The services provided to Monet Technology and Innovation completely revamped our sales processes. The experienced ITC team helped put in place a simple bespoke system to aid sales planning and follow-up that blended in with our own tools. We now know how to contact our potential customers and what to offer them.

For a video of a Directors opinion, please go to:

Debora Franco Vázquez

Founding Partner at Monet Technology and Innovation


Centro Tecnológico del Calzado de La Rioja

Footwear sector

CTCR acted as coordinators between ITC and a group of footwear manufacturers from the Rioja region who had contracted their services to search for overseas agents. Our roles as the liaison between the two parts has been a very enriching experience and ITC are now one of our established external partners especially in our efforts to strengthen and foster overseas markets and to encourage international expansion among our member firms.

Furthermore, we are convinced that ITC has provided a vital service to our members. They acted not only in an  advisory capacity as international agents, but offered an end-to-end service from a ground-breaking and effective viewpoint that inspired the companies to undertake their overseas expansion. The Technical Hub is very aware of the difficulties involved in breaking into overseas markets and of the need to entrust such matters to the expertise of specialised consultancies, such as ITC. They have, once gain, proved their worth and established the effectiveness of their methods and techniques. The know-how they bring to SMEs enables their entry to difficult and, often, very hard to approach markets.

Leyre Sola  Aznar

Communications Manager

Cetus Group

Industrial Sector

Their training sessions raised very interesting questions that, in turn, inspired a very motivated line of work. An educational and enjoyable style of communication inspired the participants to take an active role immediately which lead to a new way of looking at the tasks of a sales department.

José Miguel Iglesias Vilas
President Cetus-Galopin-Gefico-Fundación As Salgueiras

Beulas S.A.U.

Automotive industry

We were looking for a sales agent in France and ITC made our search that much easier. They provided us with a short-list of prospective agents that fulfilled the needs of our company and products.

ITC planned a trip to France and organised an agenda to interview potential candidates which resulted in our contacting the ideal sales agent for our requirements.

Working with ITC – International Team Consulting has proved to be highly beneficial and we will have no doubts in working with them again when the need arises.

Dolors Beulas Pasqual
Chief financial Officer

Joviar S.L.

Metallurgy sector

Management at Creaciones JOVIAR, S.L. was well aware that a company of our size needed to incorporate proven methods to provide effective tools for our internationalisation. This is why being able to count on the support and advice of ITC has be such a boon for us and why, without it, performace with international clients would not have been nearly as effective. We intend to maintain the relationship in order to consolidate and expand our overseas markets.

Arturo Doménech García CFO- Joviar s.l.

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