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Marsi Bionics designs bionic exoskeletons to improve the mobility of people with neurodegenerative disorders. In order to develop part of the strategy of a feasibility plan with especial emphasis on marketing and to define a blueprint for the internationalisation process. Marsi Bionics retained the services of ITC.

The project was to be carried out within the framework of the Horizon 2020 Programme and with a view to creating a proposal for SME Phase 2 financing.  For this reason, target markets were concentrated in the European Union.

ITC delivered a meticulously detailed report within the specified time-frame. At all times throughout the project, Marsi Bionics was kept abreast of developments during the numerous meetings that we held with ITC consultants which allowed us to fine-tune the advances being made.

At all times we were kept up to date with the results obtained from conversations with Key Opinion and Industry Leaders, levels of medical cover in each of the European countries, etc. We cannot praise the work carried out and the results delivered by ITC highly enough as we at Marsi are fully aware of the difficulty involved in obtaining reliable facts and objective data in a very young industry in its infancy and with a tiny market still. What’s more, we can even say that the market for paediatric exoskeletons is virtually non-existent.

Whilst the final report was full and exhaustive, it is the continuing support still being provided by ITC that far surpasses our expectations. They are always ready to provide further collaboration and to resolve the doubts and questions which have arisen with regards to the strategy and internationalisation plans. Is is especially praiseworthy that our relation with ITC did not end with the simple delivery of the (excellent) final report.

As a result of our satisfaction, we have re-engaged ITC to carry out a study of the cost savings that the use of exoskeletons will mean for the Spanish National Health System (SNS in its Spanish initials) in spite of the great difficulty that carrying out this study involves.

Mayte Sánchez
R & D & I Project Management Marsi Bionics