Company opinions

Pàver SL

Metallurgy sector

Our experience to date has been entirely positive thanks to the expertise and exacting work of both ITC with the help of the Centre Metal·lúrgic.

I would sum it up in three stages:

The search for agents was very efficient as, we feel, they understood our needs and aims perfectly from the outset. The firms that were selected to take part in the Meeting were perfectly suited to the profile previously defined and which was borne out by the information and material received.

The meetings with the short-listed agents were very well organised both from the point of view of the venue and that of time allotted to the interview of each of the short-listed agents; in our case, three candidates.

Final Selection
Although we undertook this stage of the process without the presence of the Consultancy (ITC), their previous advice and input were invaluable when drawing up the strategy for the interviews. Their guidelines were paramount in planning the conversations to extract all the information we required and which aided us in making what we believe to be the best decision and which we will confirm as we continue to work with them. Finally, I would like to say that we started to work with one of the candidates as from 1st January 2015.

Rosa Maria Mateu
Export Sales Agent