The key to search your commercial partner in Germany

On June 28th 2012, International Team Consulting (ITC) took part in the annual meeting of AFEHC (Spanish Exporting Manufacturers Association for the Hospitality Industry) as a special guest consultancy expert in European markets.

AFEHC is a non-lucrative entity that aims to promote a higher internationalisation among its members through trade missions and fair trades abroad. AFEHC also provides advice on management, transport or procedures to carry out a beneficial internationalisation.  Moreover, the association conducts global trade research and coordinates an annual plan with ICEX (Spanish Institute for Foreign Trade) to negotiate economical support. 

Cristina Danón, partner consultant at ITC, opened the conference by giving a talk on how to find and select partners in European countries. The speaker presented the different ways and tools to find and select independent sales agents, distributors or partners efficiently, according to every company’s policies and requirements. The audience supported Mrs. Danón’s approach and appreciated her advice to boost and consolidate their business in Europe.

The seminar was held in Montjuïc followed by a lunch at Oleum Restaurant in MNAC (Catalonia Museum of National Art); an excellent atmosphere with views of  the Venetian Towers in Plaça Espanya, a great picture of Barcelona.