Cristina Danón – Co-Partner and Senior Consultant

Cristina Danón has over 27 years experience in international markets. Her personal experience as an Area Manager for a renowned Spanish multinational set the basis for a move to become the Export Director of the leading Spanish firm in the industry. Over a period of 5 years she opened more than 30 markets all over the world. She has also had considerable experience in developing and carrying out projects and sector-specific strategies for international expansion and market penetration. This know-how was gained whilst Director of the Department for International Expansion at a well known Spanish trade association. For the last 15 years, she has been instrumental in promoting the international expansion of numerous Spanish and foreign companies in their efforts to penetrate overseas markets. As a senior consultant and team-leader for the European commission she has carried out frequent international projects in Egypt, Turkey and the Maghreb. As a certified consultant for ACC10, ICEX and ICIC she takes a leading role in a number of international projects. Cristina brings all this experience to her position as a managing partner and senior consultant at International Team Consulting. She graduated Cum Laude from her Master of International Trade Degree and speaks fluent, French, English, Catalan and Castilian and an acceptable level of German and Italian.

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