Europe: find your agent and/or distributor


ITC can help you to find your agent and / or distributor in Europe


Last 20th of January, Júlia Farré, associate consultant at International Team Consulting, gave a speech in Sant Just Desvern’s city hall (Spain). The expert in management of export departments came back on the problem ” Europe : find your agent and/or distributor “, in front of business managers of diverse sectors, from chemistry to shoes makers, but also communication, jewelry, clothing business, alimentation and automation.

It was an rewarding talk, during which Julià Farré expressed herself on the main stages of the research process. The consultant showed in particular the similarity and the differences between agents and distributors, then lingered over the roles of these key actors of the market, while underlining the advantages and the inconveniences that their services can suppose.

As in any research process, the selection of agents or distributors has to be done with meticulousness. Therefore, Julia Farré expressed the criteria by which selection must be submitted to be effective. Finally, the speaker wondered about the way, for the business managers, to make sure relation with their future partners will be successful, then gave way to the questioning of the participants.

This conference was the occasion for several Spanish entrepreneurs willing to widen their activities beyond the borders to be trained on the essential basis of the research of agents or distributors. These bases are a pass to international, known of very few. That is why Julia Farré cofounded International Team Consulting. The consulting firm can be proud today of managing a little more than two-hundred internationalization projects thanks to a team of polyglot and expert professionals.