Export sanitary technology: agents and distributors in Germany

Nuestros consultores especializados en internacionalización pueden ofrecerle información clave y fiable sobre nuevos mercados potenciales.

ITC supports you in the search of agents and distributors in Germany  of the hospital sector

A leading Spanish company in logistic solutions for the hospital sector, and which presence in Spain is very strengthened, recently put in the hands of ITC its project of internationalization and trusted them to find representatives, agents and distributors in Germany.

Indeed, according to a report published by ICEX, the German market of sanitary technology generated in 2013 a 27 billion euro turnover, reaching the third position, just behind the United States and Japan.

ITC caught that growing market mid-air, by leading a personnalized market research which has been fruitful. The project was crowned with a presentation to the Spanish company of 5 potential representatives in Germany, and settled by a visit in December, 2016. Of the 5 representatives, two will meet in the head office of the Spanish company in January, 2017.