Export to France via Multi-Portfolio Sales Agents

Agentes comercialesMulti-portfolio commission-based agents are an excellent way to export to France.

Anyone who has managed a network of free sales agents in any European country knows that regular management is a difficult task because they are not salaried staff, but freelance sales agents representing several brands, and therefore they have their own interests in mind.

However, things become more complicated when trying to find them, or when we have to replace those who are retiring or who do not meet our company’s objectives.


The general impressions from our customers and from SMEs in general, is that most good sales agents are already taken, and the rest are not a good match for what they are looking for. Our team of foreign trade advisors has over 30 years of experience in international business management and day after day we prove the opposite. There are some fantastic multi-portfolio commission-based sales agents in the market; the problem lies with the search process used by SMEs.

Companies tend to advertise on specialised websites in their sector and/or wait for agents to appear at trade fairs, but are often unaware of the appropriate search and selection procedure. In addition, the rush to cover territory leads companies to close deals with sales agents without any real prior assessment. At our internationalisation consultancy, experience shows us that a good assessment guarantees sustained sales in the long term, and avoids the perception of inconsistency and instability of the brand in the target market, which can happen when there are changes every few years due to having made a bad choice in selecting the right agent.

Our international trade consultancy receives multiple requests and inquiries every year. We also provide support during the negotiation process and closing of contracts and/or creation and management of sales agent networks through our foreign trade outsourcing services used to externalise the export department management.



At International Team Consulting, we provide you with valuable, industrial sector know-how, just as we have done for more than a hundred Spanish, French, German, English, Italian, Portuguese, American and Moroccan industrial companies in the process of exporting to destinations in international markets since 1995.

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