Exporting to France: Finding an Agent or Distributor

Jornada organizada por Aragón Exterior sobre cómo exportar a Francia

Aragon Exterior organises a breakfast on Exporting to France.

France is Aragon’s largest export market and the question of distance is not the only one that makes it attractive. But, how can I develop a sales strategy? Should we be looking for a distributor or an agent or, perhaps, go-it-alone? Júlia Farré, a consultant in internationalisation projects led a working breakfast within the framework of the Arex Network. The event was organised in collaboration with Ibercaja. The aim of the meeting was to familiarise businessmen from Aragon with the peculiarities of French sales agents and where to search for them and to evaluate the success of the relationship.

The Role of the Sales Agent in France 

Júlia Farré, in her role as a consultant in ITC who collaborates with Aragon Exterior (Arex), analysed the role of the sales agent in France. She also provided the key factors that are essential to finding a good agent. “In France, as in many other countries, the representative is a free agent who works for several principals on a commission basis. One cannot expect the same as we would from a company salesman, nor require a report every Friday”, she pointed out.

Ms Farré also said: “Generally, a single agent cannot cover the whole country, we have to keep in mind that the country will have to be divided into territories”.  Do I need an agent to open a market in France? Ms Farré also clarified: “Agents are not suitable for all products and some may require your working with a distributor or buying centres.”

Ms Farré also went into the differences between an agent and a distributor and why you should opt for one or the other in function of your needs, your product line and the responsibilities that they should take on.

For further information on how we can help you to export to France, please contact:

Júlia Farré
Consulting Partner in International Team Consulting