Exporting to France: Seminar – “How to sell in France”  

Jornada en Secartys sobre cómo exportar a Francia.

Secartys organises a seminar on how to export to France

On 12th April, ITC took part in in a seminar: FRENCH BREAKFAST, HOW TO SELL IN THE FRENCH MARKET”. The round table was organised by SECARTYS, the Spanish Association for the internationalisation and innovation of the Spanish Electronics, Information Technology, Telecommunications, Software, Electronic Games and Entertainment Industries.

Several experts took part in the seminar, amongst them Ms Júlia Farré, an expert in internationalisation and managing consultant in ITC. She provided attendees with detailed information on internationalisation processes in France, this included keys to resolving problems that can arise in these projects as well as on the aid available, useful platforms and practical examples of success and failure.

The seminar was a great success as witnessed by the large number of participants who shared experiences and posed questions which were answered by the assembled experts. What shouldn’t we do in France? What are agents/distributors in France looking for? How is France so competitive? Is French really an important language?