Exporting to Germany: The Industries with the best business opportunities for 2015 (II)

El mercado alemán ofrece importantes oportunidades a las empresas españolas dedicadas al sector TIC

Germany offers many opportunities for Spanish ICT companies.

In this second part of the chapter highlighting business opportunities for Spanish companies in Germany, we feel that new information technologies need to be featured.

Information Technologies

The information technologies industry is one that, by its very nature, is ever-changing and innovating and, in countries like Germany, displays one of the highest growth rates. The industry is traditionally divided into 3 subdivisions: hardware, software and services. Starting from these subdivisions as a basis, we can paint a clear picture of the current situation of the German market for information technologies.

Total hardware sales in the German market in 2014 were € 22,500 million which was a 6’3% increase over 2013. This was followed by software which totalled sales of € 19,100 million which showed an annual growth of 5’4%. Lastly, the most diverse of these subdivisions, that which is listed under “other services”, finished 2014 with total sales of € 36,200 million, an increase of 2’3% over 2013.

German experts claim that expectations in the information technologies industry will remain, overall, the same for 2015; though this will be spread unevenly over the different subdivisions.

Growth in hardware is expected to slow down slightly this year according to published forecasts, with increases estimated at about 1’3%. Experts generally expect the best sales growth in software. These specialists forecast that total German sales in software will grow at around 5’7% which is a slight improvement on growth in 2014.

Lastly, the subdivision into which “other IT services” are classified is also forecast to show robust growth of around 3% year-on-year. These data go to show that the industry in Germany is in great health and offers many opportunities for Spanish companies planning to enter the German market or consolidate their market there.

When planning to enter this market in Germany, the first step is to check that our solutions and services offer some improvement over current products or differential that will attract German buyers. Once we have established this point, we have to move on to the definition of the ideal partner. With this profile in mind, we proceed to the search for and selection of the business partner. If we complete thee stages successfully, we will be in a vary strong position to take on the German market.

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Inge Grawert

Consultant in the ITC Office in Berlin.