Exporting to Morocco: An Agricultural Machinery Company Begins Negotiations with Distributors

A Spanish company in the agricultural machinery and gardening sector has begun negotiations with distributors to export to Morocco and Tunisia thanks to the help of ITC, our internationalisation consultancy.

Since January 2017, the International Team Consulting team has been working for an agricultural and gardening machinery manufacturer in order to find an opening in the market in the Maghreb region. Thanks to an exhaustive search for contacts and a selection-based criteria, the company visited eight potential distributors and is currently in the process of preparing budgets and sending samples, with a view to securing its first short-term orders. Key factors determining the success of the task were the quality of the contacts visited, their interest, ensuring the Spanish company had prepared all the documentation in French, and an understanding of the Maghreb culture.

To work with this region there are a few critical points that must be taken into account:

  • Several trips to the country will be necessary to establish a good business relationship and before the first orders are made. Business relationships are built on trust, and on getting to know people on more a personal level
  • It is important to respect their way of working and the time taken to make decisions. This is generally not as fast as in Europe
  • Price negotiation should be expected. Unlike regions like Germany and the US, here it is common for the initial price to be reduced after negotiation
  • French is essential as the main language
  • As a European, it is important to be patient and respect the culture

For more information on how to export to Morocco or the Maghreb market, do not hesitate to contact ITC through this website or by emailing: