How can International Team Consulting help me?

  • Research, filtering and selection of distributors, importers, sales agents and end-users.
  • Research, filtering and selection of suppliers.
  • Managing and outsourcing your export department.
  • Organisation of business trips: arrange visits with potential customers in foreign markets.
  • Select the most suitable market to export your product and / or service: study to prioritise
  • Support on negotiations.
  • Advice on agency and distribution contracts.
  • Market research development.
  • Export plan development.
  • Search for export staff/experts for your company.

Why International Team Consulting?

  • We have been exporting for over 30 years and have nurtured the international fortunes of hundreds of companies whose future we have changed and whom we have helped to grow.
  • We have worked in the export departments of SMEs and in the public sector in many places round the globe.
  • We have opened and consolidated sales in America, Asia, Europe and Oceania: we offer a global and strategic vision
  • We have a multilingual and international internal team: we speak English, German, French, Italian, Russian, Rumanian, Portuguese…
  • We use a work methodology that has proven successful since 1995.
  • We offer practical services: we know what SMEs need and we aim for short term results.

Which market sectors do we cover?

We have been providing support to SMEs since 1995 which means we have worked with hundreds of companies in countless industries. Individually our consultants come from varying backgrounds and have honed their practical skills in private and public sector posts that have afforded them a very extensive and profound knowledge of innumerable industrial and consumer markets.

Which markets does ITC specialise in?

We have our own offices in Barcelona, Santiago de Compostela, Berlin, Paris and Sao Paulo.
Our team of consultants comprises multilingual experts in very diverse and wide ranging industries. We have had hands-on experience in the majority of European markets (France, Germany, Belgium, UK, the Netherlands, Italy, Scandinavia, etc.) North Africa(Algeria, Tunisia Morocco), Latin-America (Mexico, Chile, Brazil, Colombia), Senegal and USA. Furthermore, over the last 20 years we have established a network of partners in, for example, Russia, India and China.