Finding Germany hard work?


CECOT is the a Catalan Employers Association whose aim is to promote the overseas trade of SMEs.

Are your already exporting, but finding that Germany is an uphill struggle, sales just don’t seem to take off? As we all know, Germany is the largest single market in the European Union and ranks second on the list of countries to which Spain exports. Knowing how to do it and the ideal tools to use to find and manage agents, distributors or end-users is the key to this huge market.

You are invited to this act on Friday, 12th December, which is organised by CECOT Overseas Trade Development. At the event, Júlia Farré, Partner and Consultant in International Team Consulting, will be accompanied by Katja Werno, Consultant at ITC with responsibility for the German market. They will propose a practical example and then be fielding all and any questions you may wish to ask about the German market.

Event: Finding Germany hard work?
Date: Friday, 12th December 2014
Time: 09:30 to 11:30
Venue: HQ of CECOT. Sant Pau, 6, 08221 Terrassa, Barcelona.
Participants: Júlia Farré, Partner & Consultant in ITC and Katja Werno Consultant in ITC with responsibility.


Meta-tags: Export to Germany; German market; Spanish exports; distributors; sales agents; customers; end-users; Spanish companies; CECOT Employers’ Association.