How to find and select commercial agents in Germany?

In 95% of cases, a successful exportation would depend on the choice of the proper commercial agent.

On April 17th, Júlia Farré, Co-partner and Consultant at International Team Consulting, pronounced a conference regarding this matter: how to find and select commercial agents in Germany?

It aimed at helping the attending companies to be aware of different ways to find and select the proper agent with efficiency and according to the company´s own commercial criteria. 

Choosing an agent proves to be a difficult task, this is why, when it came to the selection of the ideal candidate, the Consultant explained his evaluation criteria. Among others, the following points needed consideration: agent’s personal and professional profile, territorial analysis, strength of sales and figures, marketing mix, commercial skills and clients´ profile. Such aspects proved essential before deciding who would represent the company in a specific country or region. Furthermore, the company needed to be sure that the candidate would be suitable (or achieve the right objectives).

Adding conditions to the Agency contract – for instance a trial period or fixing sales objectives – are also relevant aspects which were discussed in order to reduce failure possibilities in the relationship companies might build with their agents.

All along the conference, the Consultant chose and considered real cases, giving advice and support on how to negotiate in Germany. In this way, the attending public was given real tools to understand and to get a wide notion about the selection criteria and process.    

One would find more information about the partner research abroad contacting Júlia Farré, or by phone on the 934140500.