How to do Business in the Benelux countries

La Rioja. On March 3, 2012, Júlia Farré, Senior Consultant and Co-Partner of International Team Consulting gave a seminar titled “How to do Business in the Benelux countries” in which she presented the keys to a successful entering of the Benelux markets.

The geographic situation, a similar culture and the absence of tariff and trade barriers are favourable factors which make an entrance into the Benelux market a lot easier to realize than into Brazil or Maghreb for example. Nevertheless, consistency and the capability to adapt are essential to trade successfully.

In the seminar, Júlia Farré, expert in internationalization and export, explained practical methodologies and effective tools and sources with which to select good distribution channels as well as how to succeed in entering the Benelux markets. The Netherlands are one of the world’s 10 leading exporting and importing countries. The main export products to the Netherlands are iron casting, vine, shoes, wood and food. Whereas companies based in La Rioja mostly export shoes, caoutchouc, vine, vegetables, plants, tuberous plants to Belgium.

Until today, only 85 companies based in La Rioja are exporting their products to the Netherlands and only 106 are present on the Belgian market. Those companies represent a minority considering the fact that in total 500 companies are regularly exporting and over 900 are involved in point by point export projects.

The seminar was the first part of the trade mission organized by the Chamber of Commerce of La Rioja for April where 20 companies, which are highly interested in the Benelux markets, will visit Belgium and the Netherlands to meet with potential cooperation partners.