How to Select a Commercial Agent or Distributor


ITC offers among its services the search for commercial agents or distributors

Cristina Danon, associate consultant of Sabadell’s (Catalonia) Board of Trade and the consultancy International Team Consulting’s founder, directed last 19th of January a seminary about « How to select and evaluate a great agent or distributor? »

The event was a great success. It took place at Sabadell’s Board of Trade and brought over forty heads of companies together. Were broached essential themes for the small and medium sized companies that are willing to extend their business activities to extern markets.

Cristina Danon’s speech was focused on the methods to search agents and distributors, and on the differences between both. Afterward, the strategy to adopt to minimize the risks of failure was expounded. Finally, the speaker opened up a session of questions to lighten the heads of companies’ doubts.

The comprehension and mastery of these methods enabled Cristina Danon to create the consultancy International team Consulting. Said consultancy currently handles more than two hundred internationalization projects for companies from various sectors. International Team Consulting relies on a team of polyglot skilled workers who have over 30 years of experience in managing export departments to Europe, USA, Rusia and Maghreb.