If you are good, why don’t they know it?


In the context in which we find ourselves today, with tools increasingly innovative and  disruptive, we are constantly being examined by our clients. They evaluate compare us to others and in many cases they leave, without a trace or a complaint. And it’s very common that most relevant companies, in some cases leaders in their respective sectors, leave the communication and marketing of their brand in the back burner in order to  focus on what they consider the core of their business.

Hence the importance for a company to work on and develop a solid argumentation in order to pass on their worth. A useful tool to elaborate  said argument is the “Elevator Pitch” format. This tool was adopted in the 80s by entrepreneurs to attract the attention and financing of potential clients and investors. this method can be adapted to any company and sector; It involves a 2-3 minutes presentation during which you must grasp  the  client’s interest. And although it seems like it is easy, it is not! It requires many hours, sessions of Brainstorming and practice to prepare a good presentation. But overall, it needs implication from the whole team and every department.

Once we have been able to define and communicate our competitive advantage, the price ceases to be the most strategic move for the client and becomes just another point during the assessment of the offer. We must not forget that the sale, like life, is a matter of nuances and that whoever is able to touch the emotions of the client, by endowing his product with the attributes that he values the most, wins the game.

We only have one boss, which is the client so we need to meet his expectations.

Raquel Maquieira, Director of the Galice Offices and Senior Consultant