International agency agreement and distribution contract

Júlia Farré, consultant specialized in International Trade, spoke in a seminar presentation within the framework of the second part of the French market sales management yearly program, offered by AIJU and subsidized by IMPIVA through ActivaLink Group. The seminar was designed for the participating businesses on the Program. It offers sales support on the French market and aims at submitting basic tools to create and negotiate international agency agreements and distribution contracts.

The expert in SME internationalization analyzed in detail clauses that must appear in agency agreements and distribution contracts as well as the key points to be regarded and negotiated.

Such a contract is highly regarded in the French market, where the status of the commercial agent is greatly protected by the French law – adjustment of the European Directive about commercial agents – and is protected by a very powerful federation and association in the market.

Likewise, she shared case studies with participating businesses which actively collaborated to the talk, giving examples that show different negotiation cases and termination of the contract for serious misconduct with commercial agents or compensation package for plant closure.

She explained the importance of leaving a current and future market snapshot in the contract in order to avoid compensation to commercial agents that seriously misbehaved. To conclude, Ms Farré confirmed that a rigorous selection, sales support, continuous communication and follow-up are some of the several key factors that will grant a successful business relationship with a commercial agent or a foreign distributor. Among others, these are the points that have been analyzed last May 30th at the premises of AIJU in Ibi, Alicante, Spain.

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