International Team Consulting builds up a lighting company’s network of agents in Germany.

En ITC seleccionamos, a nivel internacional, los agentes comerciales más idóneos para su empresa.

Our job is to find the ideal partner for your company: distributors, importers or agents, new suppliers or final customers…

International Team Consulting has consolidated and expanded on an existing team of sales agents in Germany for a leading lighting company with both domestic and outside public lighting solutions. 

The company, which forms part of a pre-eminent corporate group manufacturing and supplying electrical material with profits in the region of € 300 million last year, has initiated relations with 6 sales agents in different regions of Germany who will look after their interests in the market. Products will be presented to architects, town authorities, interior designers, distributors, end-users…

For further information on how to contact overseas partners (distributors, sales agents, importers, end-users… anywhere in the world you wish to export to, please contact us:

Claudia Mayer