International Team Consulting has been approved by Aragón Exterior for Commercial Projects in France.

International Team Consulting has been selected by Aragón Exterior to coordinate internationalisation projects in France.

The services provided by International Team Consulting to the companies who take part in the project are:

  • Market specific information: prices, costs, competitors, possible distribution channels, technical requirements, standards and norms, etc.
  • Aid in the search for and pre-selection of contacts tailored to the needs of individual firms: sales agents, representatives, distributors, partners, collaborators, suppliers, clients…..
  • Organisation of company-specific exploratory meetings with scheduled meetings.
  • HR services in France.

Aragón Exterior (AREX) is a public authority charged with supporting companies from Aragón in the internationalisation projects. It forms part of the Corporación Empresarial Pública de Aragón (Public Business Corporation of Aragón) and is attached to the Departamento de Economía y Trabajo (Department of Economy and Labour) of the Government of Aragón.

For further information please contact:

Lucille Dubos
Consultan in International Team Consulting