International Team Consulting successfully carried out a search for commission agents in Germany for a Spanish aeronautics company.

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International Team Consulting has conducted a search for commission agents in Germany for a Spanish company in the aeronautical industry. The project culminated in the selection of several candidates to sell the firm’s auxiliary technical parts for the industry.

Although this project presented particular difficulties due to the very low number of agents specialised in the field (the manufacturers have to be certified to aeronautical quality ISO 9100). The professional team at International Team Consulting applied their extensive knowledge to the search and were able to overcome the complexities inherent in the process. Following are the various stages of the project:

  • Locate and filter the German sales agents
  • Chose those profiles that best suited the needs of the company
  • Accompany the firm during the initial meetings with the sales agents.
  • Provide back-up during the negotiation and signing of the agreement and the first stages of the collaboration.

The rigorous selection and filtering of potential distributors or sales agents is the key to success in any international market and that is, precisely, International Team Consulting’s speciality. For further information on how we can help you, please contact:

Júlia Farre