International Team Consulting: The crowning success in the search for distributors and agents in Scandinavia for a High Tech firm.

A key element when looking for success in any overseas market is a rigorous selection process when seeking an agent or distributor. 

At the end of a three-month project, International Team Consulting has successfully concluded a search for leading distributors and sales agents for a Catalan firm specialising in the manufacture of high tech machinery.

The company is currently negotiating agreement with several of the candidate representatives in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden. These four Northern European countries are a very important market for the Spanish high tech industry.

Years of experience in the market mean International Team Consulting can offer firms the sophisticated tools required to select the best sales partner whether this be in home or international markets. These instruments and methods considerably increase the possibility of success and afford a high degree of guarantee of success to both parties.

For further information, please contact:

Clàudia Mayer
Consultant for Scandinavia