ITC interviewed on Spanish TV: Switzerland and Austria two of the countries with the highest purchasing power in Europe

According to the data published by the CIA, Switzerland and Austria are two of the countries with the highest purchasing power in Europe. Júlia Farré gave a seminar on 28th February titled “Switzerland & Austria: Business Opportunities” at the Riojan Chamber of Commerce. During an interview on TVE she stated that: “They were both very competitive and mature markets, rigid and conservative. However, that was not to say that there are no opportunities there. Spanish products are well received, but they have to be attractively presented and of good quality”. Click here to see the complete interview.

Both countries have always been known for their political neutrality which, together with their strategic location in the centre of Europe, has enabled them to establish very good relations with their larger neighbours, France and Germany. Besides which, Austria has always been known as being the gateway to Eastern Europe. Their mountainous terrain attracts tourists all year round. For example, last year Austria played host to 35 m visitors (Spain receives 57 m).

Another common trait is a perception of: quality; trustworthiness; tenacity; discretion and accuracy all characteristics associated with the “Made in Switzerland” label. Spain’s main exports are: semi-manufactured goods; textiles; chemicals; industrial technology, ICT, agricultural produce; food and drink.

The Riojan Chamber of Commerce is leading a Trade Mission to the two countries for their members and have entrusted the organisation to Internacional Team Consulting who will be populating a diary of appointments with agents, distributors and importers wishing to do business with Spanish companies.