The ITC Office in Galicia is Growing

equipo consultores galicia ITC

Growth in Galicia means that ITC has enlarged the team in the office there. The aim? Consolidate our position as a leading consultancy in overseas trade development, sales strategies and management in the Galician market. 

Since opening in 2012, ITC Galicia has forged a place in the field of business consultancy in Galicia. For the second year running we have been awarded the national tender to supply consultancy services for the Re-Acciona Programme (Re-Action Programme) of the Galician Institute for Economic Advancement (IGAPE). We have advised over 40 companies and signed contracts with outstanding institutions such as he Chamber of Commerce of Santiago de Compostela with the aim of developing international trade for companies in the province.

The team is led by Salvador Devant, consultant and branch director, Raquel Maquieira, Joan Canadell and Julià Sánchez. All the members of the team have acquired extensive experience in the development of overseas and home trade and business. The main team is supported by a the energy of a group of work-experience associates Elena Medín, Óscar Castro and Tamara Posada.