ITC participates in an article of the newspaper Expansión: Adapt the products to export

ITC collaborates with the daily expansion

ITC has participated in the elaboration of an article in the newspaper Expansión which analyzes the suitability of the adaptation of the products, in order to increase sales abroad.

This adaptation is necessary both for companies that are directed directly to the public and for industrial companies. Some of the most common changes relate to labeling because each country has different rules on the information that has to be given on the products, the size and measurement system or even the language. Sometimes, the content also has to change because the tastes and habits of local customers often vary depending on cultural differences. As for the packaging, it is important to take into account the local preferences for the presentation of the articles, so it may be necessary to invest in a good packaging. And finally, another important change refers to product adaptations linked to homologations, certifications and other requirements specific to the country to which they are addressed.

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